• Ways To Make Self-Love A Priority
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    Four Ways to Make Self-Love a Priority

    Lamplight life will always be open to guest posts that help women take care of themselves better. With that in mind, here is one highlighting four ways to make self-love a priority. “Society is lying to us. They have been lying to us for years, decades, and centuries. As women, we’re taught to love hard, forgive quickly, and take care of everyone except ourselves. We’re encouraged to be selfless and to put others before ourselves. The expectations are not mutual. They’re one-side, with fine print side-effects including resentment, bitterness, burnout, anxiety, depression, and unworthiness. Who are these people telling women that WE must love others at the expense of ourselves?…

  • Positives About Being Single After A Relationship Breakdown

    Positives about being single after a relationship breakdown

    It can be difficult to feel hopeful following separation or divorce. You will have invested in another person and probably did not make the decision to go your on different life paths easily. We can always learn from other women so I asked some blogger friends to highlight the positives about being single after a relationship breakdown. Positives about being single after a relationship breakdown Kelly explained “I remember ending a long term relationship and feeling completely free. Knowing I liked the person’s parents more than them was a big sign it wasn’t to be, but when we finally parted, I felt elated. It’s kind of empowering to be in…