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    How to work from home effectively

    Did you know there are 1.54 million people who work from home even in non-Coronavirus times? I have worked from home in various roles both employed and freelance. It has suited me as I have juggled the competing priorities of work and parenting. My biggest challenges when homeworking involved not having dedicated space just for work and also ensuring my jobs were valued as much as those of my husband who went out to work. With lockdown forcing many to change how they work, I thought I would look at how to work from home effectively. How to work from home effectively Homeworking is not a holiday or a duvet…

  • Ways To Make Self-Love A Priority
    Self care

    Four Ways to Make Self-Love a Priority

    Lamplight life will always be open to guest posts that help women take care of themselves better. With that in mind, here is one highlighting four ways to make self-love a priority. “Society is lying to us. They have been lying to us for years, decades, and centuries. As women, we’re taught to love hard, forgive quickly, and take care of everyone except ourselves. We’re encouraged to be selfless and to put others before ourselves. The expectations are not mutual. They’re one-side, with fine print side-effects including resentment, bitterness, burnout, anxiety, depression, and unworthiness. Who are these people telling women that WE must love others at the expense of ourselves?…