Positives About Being Single After A Relationship Breakdown

Positives about being single after a relationship breakdown

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It can be difficult to feel hopeful following separation or divorce. You will have invested in another person and probably did not make the decision to go your on different life paths easily. We can always learn from other women so I asked some blogger friends to highlight the positives about being single after a relationship breakdown.

Positives about being single after a relationship breakdown

Kelly explained “I remember ending a long term relationship and feeling completely free. Knowing I liked the person’s parents more than them was a big sign it wasn’t to be, but when we finally parted, I felt elated. It’s kind of empowering to be in charge of just yourself, living on your own terms and all that jazz. I didn’t cry, but instead lived my life, my way. It felt so right, and that’s because it was.”  Ourtransitionallife.com

One less person to please

Tina commented that she enjoyed having one less person to please. “I left the kids dad in Sep and feel like a new woman. It’s amazing the difference putting yourself before your selfish (ex) partner makes to your mental health.” Https://www.mothergeek.co.uk

Your choices

Relationships are very much about compromise. Sophie felt that being single after a relationship means you can be a bit selfish again. You want the heating up an extra nudge go for it. You want to sleep with the window open all your choice! Https://www.sophobsessed.com

It’s the simple things

Vicki celebrated her single status saying “Simple things such as having the bed all to myself and not having to share the evening television schedule were things I enjoyed when I came out of a long term relationship. Although it can be difficult to see the positives at time, there are many there if you look beneath the surface”


Being in control of my own life. I’m the one making all the decisions now and that’s really freeing – I haven’t been independent for a long time! https://beccablogsitout.com

Can you share any positives about being single after a relationship breakdown?

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